Education and Experience

Education and experience

Holistic health helps you live your best life

Education And Experience

I believe every person deserves to be healthy, vibrant and well. I look at it as a basic human right because when you are healthy and happy you can be more, do more and see more – you can have more impact.

When you are not well, you don’t feel strong, you are not resilient,  joyful or content.

At Nurture Your Life, I support you to reclaim your health so you can start living your life to the fullest again.

I do this easily and naturally with a holistic health approach, having spent more than 30 years investing as an educator, health and life coach, and completing hundreds of hours of training and assessments to have the knowledge and experience I have today.

It is this commitment to health, coaching and functional medicine that allows me to get to the root cause of my clients’ health issues and concerns, and guide them back to optimal health.

I hold a range of industry qualifications, including CoachU and Certified HHC, and am a regular contributor at events.

There are 3 main holistic health areas I have extensive education and experience

Health Coaching

For the past seven years, I have made it my mission to understand every finite detail when it comes to hormones, gut health and optimal nutrition for each unique bio-individual. As a health coach with a functional medicine approach, my mission is to educate, coach and empower you to reclaim your health and well-being.

Your health and your life are so intrinsically linked that often times, you will find your health issue relates to an area of your life, such as a negative relationship or a career that no longer fulfils you.  You might also find it is related to your mindset.

It is for this reason I not only studied and continually study to update my holistic health knowledge and skills, but am also certified as a Holistic Health Coach (HHC) through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and am a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

I am currently studying for certification in Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ through the School of Applied Functional Medicine with focus study areas in gut and hormone health.

Life Coaching

A holistic wellness approach to your health and life can get to the root cause of your concerns and having someone with both accreditations can help you work towards a specific goal.

A life coach supports and works with you on a range of professional and personal issues, from losing weight, to your relationship with yourself, your mindset, or a career or relationship goal you have.

In my career as health coach, I often see people with life issues too and while diet and nutrition can be factors with your current state of health, so too can your life and mindset.

I certified as a life coach with CoachU (ICF approved) as well as certifying as a Level 2 life coach through The Fearless Living Institute in both Fearless Living and Loving skills. In addition, I have completed Anthony Robbins Mastery University thus giving me a vast coaching ‘toolbox’ to draw upon to tailor make coaching sessions to meet your needs.

School Wellbeing

An area very close to my heart is the health and wellbeing of our young people because they are our future.

Right now we are seeing a wide range of health challenges impacting young people and something needs to change. The incidence of skin conditions, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety, depression and obesity is on the rise at alarming rates.

I believe that many of these health challenges are linked to diet, nutrition and gut health. It is for this reason I have run workshops for senior students and leaders at The English Schools Foundation on topics such as optimal nutrition, hydration and sleep. In addition, I have facilitated my Fearless Conversations workshop on numerous occasions for staff in leadership positions.

After years of study, assessment, real-life experiences, consistent research to find the answers to my own health challenges, my passion and expertise lie within the realms of hormone and gut health, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and health education.

Formal Qualifications

  • 2019 - Currently studying for Certification in Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ (AFMC) Certified Health Practitioners
  • 2013 - Diploma in Integrative Nutrition/Holistic Health Coaching: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • 2013 - AADP endorsed Health Coach (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)
  • 2006 - CoachU Core Essentials Graduate (ICF approved)
  • 2006 - Certified Fearless Loving Life Coach
  • 2006 - Anthony Robbins Life Mastery Graduate
  • 2004 - Certified Fearless Living Life Coach
  • 1989 - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • 1986 - BSc in Home Economics majoring in Food Science and Nutrition: Manchester University

Let’s make a significant impact on your health and wellness so you feel empowered to live your best life.


"Helen is a highly motivated, well organised, inspirational teacher who has a special gift for getting the very best out of all of her students. She takes time to get to know them all individually and responds to them in a warm and generous manner and with great humour. Helen also gives a significant amount of time to after school activities and has taken part in a wide range of expeditions too far off places around the globe and has a genuine international perspective of the world."

- Gordon Pheysey, Retired Teacher of Sociology and Psychology

Gordon Pheysey
Fruit Bowl

Take the next step in your health journey

We are all a work in progress and creating optimal gut and hormone health for myself and my clients is my purpose and my passion at Nurture Your Life.

Many people are often surprised when they work with me just how straightforward it is to feel better and live a vibrant life.

If you have “tried everything” please book your 20-minute free discovery session here to see if we are the right fit and how I may be able to help you.

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