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Why my approach to gut and hormone imbalance is different

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I know you’ve had enough, you’re tired of trying and you have tried everything when it comes to your gut health challenges, hormone imbalances and SIBO issues.

Yet there is hope – and I know how to help get to the root cause of your issues, instead of just masking them.

Now is the time to step up and reclaim your health and wellness through a functional medicine approach and a guiding hand from someone who has been there and understands where you’re at right now.

At Nurture Your Life, we stand by three defining factors:


Knowledge is power. In order to reclaim your health you need  the facts to understand what is going on with your unique body. I will share eye-opening information with you to support your healing.


Our work together will give you the knowledge and confidence to reclaim your health and be your own advocate.


The knowledge and confidence you gain from our sessions will motivate you to take positive actions. It is exciting when you see positive change and start to feel vibrant and alive.

Did you know?

Despite advances in modern medicine - and massive amounts of money spent on healthcare - the average person’s health continues to decline.

Diabetes and obesity rates are skyrocketing among adults and children. Autoimmune diseases have dramatically increased worldwide. (Source: Functional Medicine Coaching Academy)

A healthy gut and balanced hormones contribute to a strong immune system, overall health and wellness, vitality, improved mood, better sleep and digestion, and a better quality of life.

"When the microbiome is thrown out of balance for any reason, it's often easy to tell. Bloating, gas, diarrhoea, stomach pain or nausea are all pretty direct signs that something in the gut isn't working as it should.” (Source: Time)

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Similarly, when your hormones are out of balance – you feel it. It can result in weight gain or loss, excessive sweating, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, depression and headaches, among other symptoms.

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What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine goes to the root cause of disease in your body and works holistically to heal all the symptoms. It also looks at the inter-connecting symptoms. As a health coach with a functional medicine approach, I work holistically with my clients to get them to optimum health.

At Nurture Your Life, by identifying the root causes, we help men and women:

  1. Reverse hair loss
  2. Balance hormones
  3. Overcome gut issues such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  4. Use food as medicine by choosing the right nutritional supplements

We help you do this in 5 ways

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1. 21-Day Hormone Detox Program

A self-guided or coach-guided programme to reset your hormones in 21 days using the power of diet, beneficial herbs and eliminating endocrine disruptors in your environment/home.

This detox will help your skin glow, improve your mood and energy, and detox more than your body. The 21-Day Detox has an additional layer that you won’t find with other plans, where you’ll detox your home too.

A 21-Day Detox Guide:

Get the scoop on the best hormone foods, female-reproductive system disorders and herbs for hormone balance.

2 x 21-Day Recipe Guides:

Access to my chef-created hormone detox recipes; one for omnivores and one for vegetarians.

Suggested meals + shopping lists:

A full 21-day meal plan, all mapped out and shopping lists to save you time and make grocery shopping a breeze!

Eat and don’t-eat foods list:

Your go-to cheat sheet. Download it to your phone for easy access.

Food journal:

I highly suggest recording your foods and moods so you can see what’s working for your unique body. Pay special attention to foods that energise you and foods that cause you to drag. Just because a food is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s right for your body!

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2. Coaching packages (4-month and 6-month programmes)

  • Tailored programmes and action plans to suit each individual
  • Health assessment
  • Private coaching sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom meeting twice a month (or as needed)
  • Unlimited client email support with a 48-hour turnaround
  • Ongoing motivational and emotional support
  • Natural healing protocols based on a functional-medicine approach
  • Recommendations of lab work and testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms
  • Lifestyle adjustments to build a lifetime of wellness
  • Work in partnership with your doctor
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3. Health History Session - 75 minutes

A detailed questionnaire to map out your health history, symptoms checklist, mapping session, plus an action plan with simple lifestyle changes and supplements.

Success Story

"I have found my "Health History Coaching Session" with Helen to be very informative and useful as she identified which tests I should get for further investigation. Helen is highly professional and thorough in her feedback. She gave lots of helpful advice on what I can do now and which supplements to take to help me achieve better health balance. I would highly recommend her services.”

- Claire Tait, Educator, Hong Kong

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Additional services available to you

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4. Home pantry/Larder visit:

This package makes it easy for you to eat healthier or if you are starting a special diet. Hire me to look at what's currently in your cupboard and suggest alternatives for your eating plan and dietary requirements.

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5. Cooking classes in your own home (Hong Kong only)

Sometimes starting something new can be daunting – that’s especially true with food, a new diet or cooking. These tailor-made cooking classes will personally suit your needs. Together, we will make meals you can pop in the freezer to give you a head start.

Ailments and health issues we help address:

  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hair loss
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Anxiety and mood swings
  • Foggy brain
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • IBS
  • Chronic constipation/diarrhoea
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

“Helen first came to me in 1999 when she was going through a very trying time of poor hair quality and hair loss. Her hair was very fine, and she was very self-conscious about how it now looked, she had formerly loved her hair. She wanted to colour her hair yet was very concerned about chemical treatments and how they could damage her scalp and hair follicles.

We looked at what shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling products would be the best choices for her. Helen understood that it was not only external factors that impacted her hair health yet also what was happening internally.  Within 6 months of meeting Helen her hair had stabilised and within 18 months her hair had become thicker and healthy again.

I am excited that Helen is studying functional medicine for health coaching and that we can combine our strengths and knowledge to help others who are having hair loss challenges. It is never too late to start.”

Koren Thomas, Leading Artistic Director of iiAlchemy Hair and Nail, part of the iLCopo Group

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Your health is a journey, understanding the next logical steps

We are all a work in progress and creating optimal gut and hormone health for myself and my clients is my purpose and my passion at Nurture Your Life.

If you have “tried everything” please talk to me. Many people are often surprised when they work with me just how straightforward it is to feel better and live a vibrant life.

Book your 20-minute free discovery session to see if we are the right fit and how I may be able to help you too.

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